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FTP Freeware - Free FTP Program


FTP Freeware

Free FTP The freeware FTP "Free FilterFTP" combines easy operation and an efficient workflow. Free FilterFTP is a modern and powerful FTP software for Windows Computers. The FTP program provides quick and easy operation and free available.

Free download

With the commercial version "Filter FTP pro" you even get more stunning functions, like filtered FTP Transfer or Search and Replace directly onto you server.

  • Administration of different FTP connections
  • Convenient uploading and downloading by drag and drop
  • Queue lists can be saved
  • Full FTP transfer charts and statistics
  • Integrated editor with syntax highlighting
  • Can by completly used with keyboard
  • FTP Account import from various other FTP clients
  • Keep-Alive System

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FTP Freeware
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FTP free download

Convince yourself and download Free FilterFTP now.