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Find Duplicate Photos, Remove Duplicate Photos and Sort Photos with Photo Manager Software SortPix XL

sort photos Easy and convenient photo manager for find duplicate photos.
We are sure you know this situation very well! On almost every computer of passionate photographers, the amount of digital photos increased dramatically over time. By duplicate images, duplicate folders or unnamed folder you have to spend an infinite amount of time to locate specific photos back on the hard drive.

Photo Manager

Duplicate Photo Finder in a Fast and Easy Way

SortPix XL is the perfect duplicate photo finder for your images. You can quickly and easily create meaningful folder structure for your images to sort pictures in a perfect way. You can simply move your images with the mouse to the desired folder rotate photos or rename them.

With the duplicate file finder you can automatically search for duplicate photos and remove duplicate photos with one click. So you win quickly a lot of free space on the hard disk. Bring comfortably and easily order and clarity to your hard disk. In addition SortPix XL offers several presentation options for your photos and create slide shows with music.

In no time you can find duplicate photos or delete duplicate photos with this useful Photo Manager Software.

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Demo Videos - Photo Manager

Sort Photos
Change order of Pictures in Folder
Find/delete duplicate Photos - Automatic functions
Find/delete duplicate Photos by Folders
Search Photos and copy to a Folder
Search a Photo and jump to Photo
Search Photos in one Folder and mark
Create a Slideshow

  • Sort photos with easy mouse dragging
  • Easy creation of folder structures with Photo Manager
  • Fast folder Management with source and target window
  • Smart Delete function for duplicate photos (duplicate check) - remove duplicate Photos
  • Display of EXIF data such as camera type, date, shutter speed, aperture, etc.
  • Multi-Rename tool for file names
  • Easy searching of photos thru filter criteria (file name, date before / after, etc.)
  • Rotate, copy, move, rename, delete or edit your Photos
  • Create new folders by date
  • Several possibilities for presenting photos through integrated image viewer
  • Picture slideshow with music
  • Complete keyboard access for faster work

Find Duplicate Photos

Here you can find duplicate photos with the photo manager
With the ingenious tool you can easily find duplicate photos, delete duplicate photos with the duplicate photo cleaner, or find duplicate photos. Quickly create folder structures as you need them, and simply slide one or more photos into your folders by holding down the mouse button. Furthermore, in the photo manager software is a help to fully automatic duplicate pictures. With the photo manager software you get a successful solution package, which is full as photo manager software.

Easier to find duplicate photos and not manage photos. Try it yourself and download the program to find duplicate photos now for free. Our new sticker of duplicate photos, photo archive software free and image management. Your photos are mixed and scattered everywhere on your hard disk? Support is provided here by image sorting software. With these, you can split your images quickly and easily and create new folder structures. It is also possible to directly remove several remaining images directly.

Sort Photos - Find Photos
Screenshot - Sort Photos - Find Photos

Try the graphics sorting software equal to free. The solution to the problem of photo archiving software, manage photos plus the functions of photos. By using the simple tool, you can easily sort your photos, delete duplicates and find pictures.
Just use the software to create your own folder structures, and drag one or more photos to the folder of your choice while holding down the mouse button. Also integrated into the tool for sorting images is a function to automatically search for duplicate photos. With the photo manager you have a successful concept, which is full as a photo manager.
Easier to sort photos and not manage photos. Convince yourself and download the photo manager software to find duplicate photos now for free. We provide you with a new message about the image administrator, photo archive freeware and also find duplicate photos and delete freeware for you. Your photos are blended and scattered far and wide on your hard drive? Support is now given by photosorter software. With these, you can easily and quickly sort your images and create new folder structures.

Photo Manager

It is also possible to extract redundant existing photos immediately.
Try the duplicate photos cleaner here for free.
Current message on the question duplicate pictures find and delete, create photo archives and to find duplicate photos freeware with logical functions and quick operation.

A product image to sort images and also delete duplicate photos can be found here.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner
Screenshot - Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Duplicate Photo Cleaner for Remove Duplicate Photos

Easy duplicate photo cleaner for simple and fast photo managment.
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Photo Manager
Screenshot - Photo Manager

Search Photos, Find Photos and Delete Duplicate Photos with the Photo Manager

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Convince yourself and test SortPix XL now.

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More information about the photo manager here

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SortPix XL was created by IN MEDIA KG and then further developed by IN MEDIAKG TI.