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1X-AMP Virtual Audio Player Software

Turn Your PC Into A Virtual Stereo System With Professional Music Player Software 1X-AMP

Virtual Stereo With 1X-AMP you retain the full overview of the entire music library and play comfortably 1X-AMP has several funny skins as Hi-Fi System, Tube Amp, Jukebox, Gastro Player with extra large buttons, Dolphin, an equalizer and various sound effects such as echo, reverb, tempo, pitch, and tone adjust, 3D Sound, and a bass and treble control. Become a DJ and amaze your friends by turning a bit on the controls. So you have your favorite tracks guaranteed not heard.
1X-AMP is a professional Audio Player Software which manages all your MP3, WAV and WMA media files onto you harddisk. Manage quite comfortable your entire music library on your computer. Create your own playlists in a very easy manner for cozy evenings or parties with friends.

More fun when listening to music on the PC with the virtual stereo system 1X-AMP Music Player Software our best software for the audio playback on a computer Convenient management of your whole music library, easy creating of your own playlists and music output with custom made sound effects. 1X-AMP is a professional audio player program which helps you to manage fuss-free all your audio files on your entire hard disk, such as single MP3, WAV and WMA files or complete CD albums. Integrated into the software is a fast search for specific audio tracks and albums. Create and manage your own playlists easily by drag and drop.

Get all infos about your favorite CDs with the Audio Player Software The program is able to read in automatically all additional informations about the CD, such as artist or title from an Internet Database and renames all generated files. Furthermore, you can search with the program for lyrics of your favorite artists and titles. The program can be set up so that it is permanently in the background and is then therefore always ready for use when you want to play music or read CDs. After installation, you can automatically search for all music files on the complete harddisk, in selected folders or subfolders. Also you can find easily special songs or artists with the integrated search function.

Make great Parties with Music Player Software 1X-AMP Have more fun with Audio Player Software 1X-AMP!! This is the ideal Music Player Software for parties or use in gastronomy. Make your own disco evening, create individual playlists for the whole evening, turn the knobs and adjust your sound with the desired effects. Create easy several playlists for every mood as "heat up" for the Party beginning or "chill-out" for the comfortable end of the evening or for the right background music in your restaurant, bar or coffeehouse! 1X-AMP offers more variety for your eyes and ears with several skins and sound effects!

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  • Audio-Player for MP3, WAV, WMA..
  • Read Folders and Subfolders with audio files
  • Search your complete Harddisk for audio files
  • Fast search for Titles an Albums
  • Several Skins and Wallpapers
  • Make and manage playlists with drag and drop
  • Direct ripping of Audio-CD's
  • Audio-Player-Effect: EQ / Equalizer
  • Audio-Player-Effect: Delay
  • Audio-Player-Effect: Reverb
  • Audio-Player-Effect: Pitch Scale
  • Audio-Player-Effect: Pitch Shift
  • Audio-Player-Effect: Tempo
  • Audio-Player-Effect: 3D Sound
  • Audio-Player-Effect: Treble Enhancer
  • Audio-Player-Effect: True Bass

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