1X-AMP Virtual MP3 Player Software

Turn Your PC Into A Virtual Stereo System With Professional Music Player Software 1X-AMP

MP3 Player Software With 1X-AMP you retain the full overview of the entire music library and play comfortably
1X-AMP has several funny skins as Hi-Fi System, Tube Amp, Jukebox, Gastro Player with extra large buttons, Dolphin, an equalizer and various sound effects such as echo, reverb, tempo, pitch, and tone adjust, 3D Sound, and a bass and treble control. Become a DJ and amaze your friends by turning a bit on the controls. So you have your favorite tracks guaranteed not heard.
1X-AMP is a professional MP3 player software which manages all your MP3, WAV and WMA media files onto you harddisk. Manage quite comfortable your entire music library on your computer. Create your own playlists in a very easy manner for cozy evenings or parties with friends.

More fun when listening to music on the PC with the virtual stereo system 1X-AMP Music Player Software our best software for the audio playback on a computer
Convenient management of your whole music library, easy creating of your own playlists and music output with custom made sound effects. 1X-AMP is a professional audio player program which helps you to manage fuss-free all your audio files on your entire hard disk, such as single MP3, WAV and WMA files or complete CD albums. Integrated into the software is a fast search for specific audio tracks and albums. Create and manage your own playlists easily by drag and drop.

Get all infos about your favorite CDs with the MP3 player software
The program is able to read in automatically all additional informations about the CD, such as artist or title from an Internet Database and renames all generated files. Furthermore, you can search with the program for lyrics of your favorite artists and titles. The program can be set up so that it is permanently in the background and is then therefore always ready for use when you want to play music or read CDs. After installation, you can automatically search for all music files on the complete harddisk, in selected folders or subfolders. Also you can find easily special songs or artists with the integrated search function.

Make great Parties with Music Player Software 1X-AMP
Have more fun with MP3 player software 1X-AMP!! This is the ideal Music Player Software for parties or use in gastronomy. Make your own disco evening, create individual playlists for the whole evening, turn the knobs and adjust your sound with the desired effects. Create easy several playlists for every mood as "heat up" for the Party beginning or "chill-out" for the comfortable end of the evening or for the right background music in your restaurant, bar or coffeehouse! 1X-AMP offers more variety for your eyes and ears with several skins and sound effects!

Free download

  • Audio-Player for MP3, WAV, WMA..
  • Read Folders and Subfolders with audio files
  • Search your complete Harddisk for audio files
  • Fast search for Titles an Albums
  • Several Skins and Wallpapers
  • Make and manage playlists with drag and drop
  • Direct ripping of Audio-CD's
  • MP3-Player-Effect: EQ / Equalizer
  • Delay
  • Reverb
  • Pitch Scale
  • Pitch Shift
  • Music-Player-Effect: Speed
  • 3D Sound
  • Audio-Player-Effect: Treble Enhancer
  • Effect: True Bass

In General, What is a Music Player Software for PC?

Great music player software with equalizer with stunning applications that just concentrate on play with playlists and various other capabilities
Are you trying to pay attention audio documents on your home computer yet you cannot appear to discover any type of music player software? Since the marketplace is already crowded with a number of business providing comparable products, anyone need to locate a method to make your item stick out from the remainder. Software made use of for playing files in computers or tools like smart devices, tablets and program for Windows 11.

There are countless music player software PC available out there and a number of music player software for PC are even offered free of cost. Several people favor to make use of a devoted sound player due to the fact that it is developed for that specific function and has additional features not offered on a home computer's built-in player. The music player software additionally sustains features such as developing playlists which can immediately accumulate a list of songs based upon particular requirements such as genre, album or artist.

It is feasible to obtain some experienced by enjoying video tutorials, reviewing books and short articles written about it and even by practicing by yourself. Despite which type of tool anyone picks, make sure to look into the features that are available. Music player software typically store sound data on a flash memory card, hard disk drive, flash drive, or solid-state drive. Software can be used to pay attention to audio kept locally or streamed from the Internet, and might sustain sound-related metadata such as album art and verses. Often, these players are sustained by a wide variety of systems, consisting of the Windows system.

In Which Sectors Is This MP3 Player Software for Windows Involved?

There is a selection of different MP3 player software available, from general applications that just play music files, to more powerful MP3 player software that include attributes like playlist assistance, equalizers and sound effects
Anyone can utilize it as a replacement for your personal computer's player or along with that program, depending upon what features it provides and if they fulfill your needs. MP3 player software is a type of program made use of to play back audio, which can include music and other noises. Anyone need an interface for regulating the player, such as an on-screen screen, or a control board which can be revealed and concealed as required. Your system needs to have an audio card and audio speakers to utilize it properly. A user can submit their entire sound collection to here solution while they are on the internet and after that access it from one more home computer when they log in at a different area. A lot of these kinds of software require consistent updating and loading on the net by their customers in order to be able to play all sorts of music data online.

MP3 player software can play files straight or might be packed with data which users have replicated onto the player from their PCs. Anyone require to understand how much revenue you can really from individuals who would certainly be using your product. This MP3 player software is a sort of program that permits the customer to pay attention to audio data.

MP3 Player Software - What Must this Software Be Able to?

This MP3 player software with speed control can play music with equalizer, and have eye-catching skins
One of the important things that anyone must do is to evaluate it and see if it's working well enough in the market. Fundamental software with equalizer are lightweight applications that only concentrate on playback, while Complete players include extra features like library organization, playlists, identifying assistance, and other capabilities. One important feature of software is that it can be used on various operating systems. Tool is portable sound playback application that can be made use of on any type of computer or sound system with playback capability. Try a few various players to see which a single has the attributes anyone requires.

It is one application that lets customers utilize their personal computers as players. The program for Windows 10 lets anyone play, download and install, manage and organize your music files. This MP3 player software for Windows offers individuals the ability to produce and handle playlists, and search and type music collections. Anyone can currently market it in order to attract more clients and boost its appeal as soon as you have refined your software. Programs for Windows generally repeats music and various other noises kept on the home computer. The MP3 player software is a vital part of any home computer device, yet it is very important to pick one that fits your demands.

Here Are the Key Features as Well as the Advantages and Disadvantages of the MP3 Player Software

Key Features:

  • Rip CDs using the MP3 player software 1X-AMP and use crossfades for seamless transitions between songs.
  • Automatic startup with Windows allows instant playback of your music.
  • Choose from a variety of great and unique skins like simulated amplifiers, tube amplifiers, dolphin design, or stereo system skin.
  • Create countless playlists for your songs as you wish.
  • Our MP3 player software includes an equalizer as well as virtual stereo effects for WMA, MP3, and WAV files.
  • Quickly search for music titles and artists thanks to the search function.
  • Various sound effects to enhance the music.
  • The On-Demand MP3 Player works discreetly in the background and plays music on demand.
  • Conveniently read and play entire music folders.


  • The 1X-AMP MP3 player software is known for its user-friendly interface and easy navigation.
  • Create personal folders for your favorite songs.
  • Import music folders, including subfolders, into the application.
  • Create and organize playlists effortlessly with the MP3 player software's drag-and-drop feature.
  • Experience sound effects such as treble, pitch, equalizer, and bass booster.
  • Find audio titles and albums in an instant thanks to fast search functions.
  • Save an unlimited number of playlists.
  • Choose from predefined equalizer effects for various music styles like bass booster, soft rock, classical, or rock.
  • Utilize the 10-band equalizer settings for personalized sound optimization.
  • The MP3 player software runs efficiently, without affecting your computer's performance.
  • Enjoy top-notch sound quality, specifically optimized for professional applications.
  • Browse your entire hard drive for audio files.


  • Only available as a Windows PC version.

Virtual Stereo

Virtual Stereo

Viruall HiFi Unit - Music Player Software

Viruall HiFi Unit

MP3 Player Software

MP3 Player Software

Jukebox Music Player Software

Jukebox Music Player Software

Catering trade MP3 Player Software

Catering trade Music Player Software

Valve Amp MP3 Player Software

Valve Amp Music Player Software

Dolphin MP3 Player Software

Dolphin Music Player Software

Technical Specifications:

Product: MP3 Player Software
Operating Systems: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
License: Free Download
Download Size: 12.2 MB
Supported File Formats: MP3, WAV, and WMA

Virtual Stereo
Virtual Hifi Unit
Jukebox MP3 Player Software
Jukebox Audio-Player
Catering trade MP3 Player Software

Dolphin MP3 Player
Dolphin Music Player Software
MP3 Player Software

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Well-Known and Widely Used MP3 Player Software


AIMP represents a good MP3 player software for Windows PC, featuring advanced functions and customizable appearance.

  • Flexible Appearance and Skin Customization: AIMP is distinguished not only by its advanced user features but also ensures extremely detailed customization of the appearance. Users can create or download skins and themes to tailor the user interface to their individual preferences.
  • Sound Engine and Audio Enhancement: One of the distinctive features of AIMP is its sophisticated sound engine. It not only provides outstanding audio quality but also offers various audio enhancement options to refine the listening experience.


1by1 is an MP3 player software for Windows PCs known for its straightforward navigation.

    Simple Navigation: 1by1 is characterized by its user-friendly and straightforward interface. Users can easily browse and play their MP3 files without being distracted by excessive complexity. Low Resource Consumption: One of the strengths of 1by1 is its minimal resource consumption. The software requires only minimal system resources, making it ideal for older Windows computers or situations where efficiency and performance are crucial.


Winamp is the MP3 player for Windows computers, allowing for individual interface usage and extensions.

  • Customizable Interfaces and Extensions: Winamp has a reputation for being highly customizable. In addition to customizing the appearance, it offers a variety of extensions that allow users to add new features. This makes it a versatile and expandable MP3 player software.
  • Comprehensive Music Management: Winamp offers not only music playback but also extensive music management. Users can effectively compile and manage their music collections, making it a powerful tool for music enthusiasts.

VLC media player

VLC media player is the cross-platform MP3 player that supports all popular audio formats.

  • Cross-Platform Support: VLC Media Player is renowned for its cross-platform support. This means it is available on various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and many more. This provides users with the flexibility to use the software on different devices.
  • Support for All Common Audio Formats: VLC Media Player is known for its ability to support nearly all common audio formats. This means users don't have to worry about the compatibility of their music files, as VLC Media Player typically plays them seamlessly.


foobar2000 is a highly powerful MP3 player software for Windows, with customizable features to suit your preferences.

  • Extensive Customization Options: foobar2000 is known for its unparalleled customization features. Users can fully tailor the user interface, keyboard shortcuts, and other aspects of the software to their individual needs.
  • High Performance: foobar2000 is highly resource-efficient and powerful. This software can handle and play large music collections without delay or performance issues.


MusicBee is music management software with integrated MP3 player functionality.

  • Integrated MP3 Player: A remarkable advantage of MusicBee is the combination of music management and an integrated MP3 player. Users can organize and play their music seamlessly without the need to switch between different applications.
  • Advanced Features: MusicBee offers a wide range of features, including music organization, conversion, synchronization, and CD ripping. This makes it a versatile solution for music management and playback.