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The ultimate MSG to EML and EML to MSG Email-Converter

Email-Converter  width= Quickly and easily convert MSG to EML and EML to MSG with our Email Converter. The conversion is also possible in batch mode.
Email-Converter is able to convert Outlook MSG-Files into Outlook Express EML files or Outlook Express EML-file into Outlook MSG file! Single files, complete folders or complete folderstructre with the batch converter modus is possible!

NEW!! Now also available the Enterprise Version including Converting with Commandline Parameters! Registered Users can buy Enterprise Version cheaper!

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MSG to EML Converter with MSGtoEML Function

MSG to EML converter is a powerful Windows application that will allow you to quickly and easily convert complete folders of MSG files to EML format. This helpful software is capable of batch converting multiple MSG files to EML without any data loss. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, EML to MSG converter is the perfect tool to help you seamlessly convert MSG files to EML. MSG to EML Converter
Screenshot: MSG to EML Converter

EML to MSG Converter with EMLtoMSG Feature

EML to MSG converter is a tool used to convert emails from EML file format to MSG file format. The convert multiple EML to MSG files at once and also supports batch conversion. It is also possible to complete folders or with emails. EML to MSG Converter
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Convert Emails in Batch Mode

EMLtoMSG and MSGtoEML Converter
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  • NEW! Convert with command line (Enterprise version)
  • Supports Outlook 2000/2021 (32/64 bit)
  • Conversion from EML to MSG
  • Convert EML to MSG
  • Bulk convert EML to MSG
  • EMLtoMSG
  • Conversion of several files at once (full version)
  • Conversion from MSG to EML
  • Convert MSG to EML
  • Bulk convert MSG to EML
  • MSGtoEML
  • Converts complete folder/directory structures (full version)
  • Integrated update client

Convert MSGtoEML and convert EMLtoMSG

Batch Convert MSG to EML
Product image: Batch Convert MSG to EML
MSGtoEML and EMLtoMSG are two conversion processes, both of which affect future work. MSGtoEML conversion refers to process of converting an Outlook file (.msg) to open email format (.eml).
This conversion process ensures users to send emails from MS Outlook to other applications like Thunderbird etc. Batch convert EMLtoMSG is basically the opposite of batch convert MSGtoEML, which means that an incoming email file from a third-party email application is converted to Outlook.

These conversion processes are essential not only to achieve compatibility between different mail clients, but also to ensure compatibility of sent or received emails by preventing future vulnerabilities in email applications. Therefore, it is very elementary to perform conversion of MSG file to EML and vice versa properly and efficiently to ensure smooth flow of email communication.

Convert MSG to EML as Well as Convert EML to MSG

MSG and EML are file formats that are widely used in digital world
MSG stands for Outlook Message File, while EML stands for Electronic Mail. Both formats are used to send and receive emails. But to convert messages to another format, you have to convert them from one format to the other. MSG to EML and EML to MSG are two of the most common conversion operations.

Convert MSG to EML

Batch convert MSG to EML means converting messages in an Outlook format to EML format
These conversions are useful when emails need to be transferred from one to another email client where EML format is used. This conversion from MSG to EML is done by using our special email converter.

Convert EML to MSG

Batch Convert EML to MSG
Product image: Batch Convert EML to MSG
Batch convert EML to MSG means converting emails in an EML format to MSG format
The conversions one takes when emails need to be transferred to an Outlook account where MSG format is used. Converting EML to MSG is also done by our email converter. It is essential to note that no data is lost when converting MSG to EML and EML to MSG, as both message formats have different formatting characteristics.


Product image: MSGtoEML
MSGtoEML conversion is a process that runs in real time
Therefore, it is crucial that all necessary parameters are properly configured when using convert MSG to EML in order to successfully complete the conversion. Parameters you need to pay attention to during conversion are: File Size Limit, Conversion Scope and Elements, and Restrict Source and Destination Folders.


EMLtoMSG conversion works similarly as first method, but in the opposite direction.
The convert EML to MSG process consists of converting file sent to MS Outlook to EML format. In this case, you also need to configure all parameters properly to achieve a successful result.

Convert MSG to EML or Convert EML to MSG

Product image: EMLtoMSG
MSG to EML and EML to MSG are two techniques for converting files. They are used to transfer data between different email applications.


Bulk convert MSG to EML
Product image: Bulk Convert MSG to EML
MSG to EML conversion means to convert emails either from Outlook or other MSG file types to EML (Extended Mail List) format
This is useful when a particular email program does not work with MSG format. With this bulk convert MSG to EML function you can easily open your emails in another email client.


Bulk convert EML to MSG
Product image: Bulk Convert EML to MSG
EML to MSG conversion means converting EML files from different email clients to one MSG file.
In a similar way, it is also possible to bulk convert EML files to MSG files. This email converter simplifies a conversion of EML files to MSG and vice versa.

Both types of conversion are also combined together to improve compatibility between different email clients. For example, if you want to transfer your emails from one email client to another, do it with a conversion from EML to MSG format and vice versa. This feature is especially useful when you need to open files in EML format but have only one MSG file available.

What Are the Benefits of Using This Email Converter?

One of the main benefits of using this email converter is that it can provide a convenient way to store and preserve emails. By using an email converter, you can easily convert emails from one format to another as EMLtoMSG and MSGtoEML, so that they can be used in any other program or read on any device.

In addition, an email converter can be used to convert emails into other formats suitable for use with other email programs, such as Outlook. This allows you to access email archives stored in other email clients, or to transfer emails between different providers.

The Email converter software is a valuable tool for preserving email archives and transferring data between different email programs. It can also be used to convert emails into other formats suitable for use with external other email-clients.

The Special Features of This Converter Are

EMLtoMSG and MSGtoEML Email Converter is a powerful utility designed to help users to quickly and easily convert emails between EML and MSG formats.
The software supports batch conversion of emails, which means that users can convert entire folders full of emails in a fraction of the time it would take to convert them one-by-one. Additionally, the program can detect existing emails in the specified folder, so that users don't have to sort through them to determine which ones need to be converted. With its simple and intuitive user interface, EMLtoMSG and MSGtoEML Email Converter is an ideal choice for users who need to quickly convert large volumes of emails.