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FilterFTP pro - Filtered FTP Transfer

FTP Filter FilterFTP pro offers completly new possibilities in dealing with your FTP servers. Transfer with filter criteria only what you really need, or search and replace in files directly on your server!

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FilterFTP pro provides great features, you have always been missing in handling with FTP servers. Edit, search in files, search and replace directly on your FTP server.

Save time and nerves in dealing with your files.
Work faster, easier and more efficient with your FTP servers with FilterFTP pro!

FTP Transfer Filter
Up- and Download

Upload Filter

Delete Filter
on Server

FTP Dellete Filter

Search files
on Server

Search files on Server

Search in files on Server

Search files on server
Filter by Filename:
All with (or without) Directoryname...
All with (or without) Directory and Filename

Filter by Filedate:
All with Date
All because a Date
Date since
Date before

Filter by Fileextension:
All with (or without) Extension

Filter by Filesize:
Size less...
Size greater or equal...
Size equal...

Search and replace in files on Server

search and replace on server
Functions for "Search and Replace" on Server
- Search and Replace a term
- Replace files by another file
- Insert lines after a term
- Insert lines before a term
- Insert lines at the beginning of the files
- Insert lines at the end of the files

FTP transfer filter

  • Connection Manager for any number of FTP servers
  • Saveable Queue lists
  • Determine used space on Server
  • Full Transfer-Diagrams and Statistics
  • Integrated editor with syntax highlighting
  • Completly keyboard operateable
  • Import Account data from various other FTP clients
  • Filter criteria can be stored

filtered FTP TransferFilter FTP filtered Upload

filtered FTP Transfer
Filter FTP
filtered Upload
filtered File Download
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Upload Filter
Transfer Filter
FTP Transfer Filter
Intelligent FTP Transfer

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