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Intelligent Backup - The probably most intelligent way to create versioned backups!

Intelligent Backup

IntelligentBackup - The revolutionary hardlink backup program

There are many backup tools out there, but IntelligentBackup provides a complete version management for your projects - automatically!

With IntelligentBackup you get the possibility to save the changes of your files periodically. Most of the other backup programs can only copy entire directory structures or creats incremental backups which are hard to reconstruct.

Backupping this way is either wasting time or capacity. IntelligentBackup only saves changes which are really important. It's unique feature is that the program keeps saved data as hardlinks, so you have access to the directory structure and can restore it instantly. This backup program combines the advantages of an incremental and a full backup.
Your backups will be versioned by their date and can be deleted automatically after a choosable amount of time.

  • Save directory structures periodically including version management
  • Restore backup versions in a single step
  • Manage a desired number of projects
  • Automatically delete old backup data after an adjustable amount of time
  • Catch up missed backups
  • Resource saving backups
  • S.M.A.R.T. check the target drive
  • Fully automatic backup creation in the background
  • Automatic reconstruction of entire directories
  • EMail notifications on backup success or errors
  • Backup verification using MD5 hashes
  • Import existing backup projects
  • Filter filetypes
  • and much more...
IntelligentBackup is not a solution to create backups of an entire system (harddrive image). IntelligentBackup cannot replace those programs, it's much more a tool to backup directories which are being constantly worked on (dissertations, web projects, word documents, graphics, source code). It automatically versions and saves them to be restored easily on demand. The time machine for windows!

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