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Backup Program

This backup program Windows brings an excellent user interface that ensures individuals to easily create and manage backups

Intelligent Backup

IntelligentBackup - The revolutionary hardlink backup program

There are many backup tools out there, but IntelligentBackup provides a complete version management for your projects - automatically!

With IntelligentBackup you get the possibility to save the changes of your files periodically. Most of the other backup programs can only copy entire directory structures or creats incremental backups which are hard to reconstruct.

Backupping this way is either wasting time or capacity. IntelligentBackup only saves changes which are really important. It's unique feature is that the program keeps saved data as hardlinks, so you have access to the directory structure and can restore it instantly. This backup program combines the advantages of an incremental and a full backup.
Your backups will be versioned by their date and can be deleted automatically after a choosable amount of time.

An excellent backup program is a good choice good data, such as text files have to be backed up regularly. Simple backup programs are usually less expensive than enterprise solutions and bring a user-friendly interface. However, simple backup programs cannot handle more complex systems such as databases or enterprise networks and are therefore not suitable for use in enterprise environments.

Backup Programm
Product image: Backup Programm

This Backup Program Windows 11 and 10 conveys a highly integrated backup solution with comprehensive control over backup and restore processes. The software allows people to backup individual files or completes systems and customizes the backup method according to the requirements.

Windows 11 backup program transmits a powerful tool for backing up an enterprise network. It is powerful and user-friendly and allows people to protect and restore your data easily.

Important features at our backup program are:
  1. Easy to use:
  2. Our backup program is easy to use to grant fast and powerful backup and restore of files.
  3. Automatic backups: This backup program should be able to make backups automatically to ensure that important files are always backed up without the user having to think about it.
  4. Various backup options: The program should offer different backup options, such as incremental or differential backups, to save time and storage space.
  5. Reliability: The backup program should be reliable and be sure that the data is backed up safely and without errors.
  6. Flexibility: the program should be flexible and allow the user to choose which files and folders need to be backed up.
  7. Data security: the data should be protected with encryption to ensure the security and privacy of the users.
  8. Compatibility: this backup program should be compatible with different operating systems and file formats to guarantee that users can backup all their important data.
  9. Speed: A backup program should work fast to save time and guarantee that users can access their data quickly.
  10. Restore options: A good backup program should have a clear and reliable way to restore files in case something goes wrong or a computer crash occurs.
  11. Support: The program should give good technical support to ensure that users can get help quickly when needed.
  • Save directory structures periodically including version management
  • Restore backup versions in a single step
  • Manage a desired number of projects
  • Automatically delete old backup data after an adjustable amount of time
  • Catch up missed backups
  • Resource saving backups
  • S.M.A.R.T. check the target drive
  • Fully automatic backup creation in the background
  • Automatic reconstruction of entire directories
  • EMail notifications on backup success or errors
  • Backup verification using MD5 hashes
  • Import existing backup projects
  • Filter filetypes
  • and much more...

HardLink Backup Program for PC

HardLink Backup can be used as alternatives to conventional backup methods to create a backed up copy of all the files on your computer.
The HardLink Backup program is a complete backup program built on Windows 10 that gives a number of powerful user features. It authorizes creating backups to local and external storage locations, such as an external hard drive. The user can also back up folders and files to other folders. In addition, the program can create backups manually or automatically.

HardLink backup technology allows the backup program to save files and folders as shortcuts. This means that a file or folder is saved as a HardLink, keeping the files in the original folder and not saving them in the backups. This means that the storage capacity of the backup is significantly reduced and the backup is created and updated faster.

HardLink backup program is very powerful and easy to use. It includes a user-friendly interface and also procures support for various backup types, including incremental, differential and full backups.

What our backup program should have:
  1. Support of a number of backup types.
  2. Automatically verify, backup and restore data.
  3. Advanced compression and encryption features.
  4. Optional notifications of return operations.
  5. Support for different storage locations.
  6. Schedules to automatically back up data.
HardLink Backup program is a very useful backup software for Windows 10 users. There are powerful features, intuitive interface and user-friendly interface that makes it easy and convenient to create and manage backups in no time. It is a good choice for users who are looking for a powerful and easy-to-use backup program for Windows 10.

IntelligentBackup is not a solution to create backups of an entire system (harddrive image). IntelligentBackup cannot replace those programs, it's much more a tool to backup directories which are being constantly worked on (dissertations, web projects, word documents, graphics, source code). It automatically versions and saves them to be restored easily on demand. The time machine for windows!

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Create Automatic Backup Windows 10 and Recursive Backup

When you download Create Backup program, you can create the backups automatically, manually or scheduled.
To create an automatic backup in With the program for Windows 10, you must first access the option in the settings. Recursive backups back up all the files involved, even if they are in different locations, and per backup all the changes to the files you want to back up.

If you want to create an automatic backup on Windows 10 but don't know the settings, you can also use create backup program. These programs make the process of backing up your data easier. Some programs have a clear procedure to customize backups of your data, others have advanced functionality that allows you to perform backups to specific data or locations. It is also possible to find programs that bring users a user-friendly way to save the backups to the hard disk, so you can reset the backup whenever necessary.

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