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Intelligent Shutdown - The tool for your smart PC Shutdown Management

Intelligent Shutdown "Save electricity and shutdown your PC when it's no longer used."
Perform smart automatic shutdown of your PC with Intelligent Shutdown.

People often leave their PCs unattended, often throughout the night, while downloading from the Internet, copying large files or performing some time-intensive calculation. Intelligent Shutdown lets you schedule your PC to log-off, standby, hibernate or shutdown upon completion of its task(s).

Intelligent Shutdown monitors your PC for specific conditions (e.g. processor load, network access, completion of a specified process/program, or time). When the conditions are met, Intelligent Shutdown performs the scheduled action. Then instead of unnecessarily consuming power, your PC remains inactive - potentially extending its lifespan.

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Version 3.3.2
- Update: No more errors due to online update queries (08.10.2020)
- Update: Various small bug fixes (08.10.2020)

Version 3.3.2
- Update: Freely available time inverdesia in expert settings (11.06.2017)
- Update: Various small bug fixes (06/09/2017)

Version 3.3.1
- Update: Improved handling of many-core processors (02/02/2016)
- Update: Visual adjustment to Windows 10 made (02/02/2016)
- Update: Program and installer now signed SHA256 (26.01.2016)

Version 3.3.0
- Update: Made to Compatibility with Windows 10 (07/08/2015)
- Update: Minor design adjustments (07/02/2015)
- Update: Greatly improved keyboard operation (29.06.2015)

Version 3.2.5
- Update: Improved Storage Manager (01/22/2015)
- Update: Change the program icons in the Windows 8.1 look (22.01.2015)
- Bugfix: Improved handling of more than 8 logical processors (21.01.2015)

Version 3.2.4
Operating system: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 32Bit & 64Bit
Min resolution: 1024x768 Pixel
RAM: 512 MB
Min. processor: 1 Ghz
Min. free diskspace: 5 MB
The software can be downloaded free for testing. The trial version includes the following restrictions:

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