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FotoWorks XL 2 - Photo Editing Software - Photo Editor


Photo Editing Software
Comfortable And Easy Photo Editing Software
Now you can edit your digital photos and graphics very easy and comfortable with this innovative photo editing software "FotoWorks XL". The extensive functions for photo editing with this easy photo editor are arranged in a very clear menu structure and for better control you can see always the original picture and the edited version of your pics! Fotoworks XL 2 photo editor is particularly suitable for beginners of all ages, but also for advanced users.

The photo editing software for Windows 10 or Windows7,8 provides extensive image editing and printing functions for custom made photo albums, photo montage or photo calendars or for the printing of photos. Also included in the good photo editing software is a very easy photo collage maker and many batch processing routines for exposure compensation or other recording errors of whole image series or complete image folders. For example to add easily to all your photos a copyright watermark with the photo editor, to prevent theft, if you want to publish your images to the web! Here our new website for photo editing software

Photo editing software and easy photo editor for stunning effects
On top photo editing software are integrated a lot of functions for editing, photographic effects to make your photos to unique works of art! Here you find the photo editor free download for Windows.

Convince yourself and try out now this easy photo editing software for image editing for free. The simple and professional photo editing software here for download.

NEW! The photo editing software for Windows 10 compatible
NEW! Performance improvement of Highresolution photos
NEW! Many new effects (E.g., Peeters, engraving)
NEW! Advanced Lightingtools in the photo editor
NEW! Photo editor to optimize image handling
NEW! Expert functions

Photo Editing Software
Photo of the Photo Editing Software

Photo Editor
Srcreenshot to Photo Editor

Photo Editing SoftwarePhoto SoftwarePhoto Tool

Photo Editing
  • Preview Original and edited picture
  • Batch processing for editing and saving
  • Brightness photo editing software
  • Color and Contrast Correction
  • Sepia Effekts photo editing software
  • Black and White Effects
  • Color Correction RGB photo imaging software
  • Rotate and Flip pictures
  • Remove Red Eyes
  • Sharpen / Blur
  • Cut and Crop Pictures

Photo Editing Software Effects
  • Split-Light
  • Relief
  • Shear
  • Plasma
  • Posterize
  • Poster-Effect
  • Blur
  • Noise Color
  • Noise Mono
  • Movement
  • Mosaic
  • Twist
  • Fisheye
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • XRed
  • XGreen
  • XBlue
  • Ripple tooth

Morphing with the Photo Editor
  • Included Morphing Effect for funny pictures

Photo Editor with Texts
  • Insert Texts in a multiline format
  • Pick color of Text with pipettev

Draw / Retouch / Airbrush
  • Choose your favorite brush form, size and color or pick the color with the pipette.

Picture in Picture
  • With Mask Effects
  • Several Formats with hard and soft Borders
  • Import of transparent or rotated Pictures
  • Choose correct order of pictures by yourself

Insert Cliparts with Photo Editing Software
  • Insert transparent or rotated Cliparts
  • Choose correct order of Cliparts by yourself

Insert Symbols and Lines
  • choose Symbols like Circle, Triangle, Pentagon, Star or Line
  • select any color you like
  • freely selectable line width and borders
  • Import of transparent or rotated Symbols
  • define correct order of Symbols by yourself

Photo Editor for Create collage / Design Presentations - Photo Collage Maker
  • design new Presentations by using Pictures, Symbols, Text and Cliparts

Convert Picture - Convert Image
  • Convert pictures to the formats: BMP, GIF, TIF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG with batchprocessing

Colors of the Photo Editor Program
  • Pick your favourite background color of the photo editing software

Better quality of Pictures
  • Manipulate your pictures without loss = better results

Print Calendar...
  • Print Calendars with your own Pictures and choose several Layouts for different years

Star Cut/ Life-sized Poster Printing - Photo Crop
  • Print your Posters life-sized or up to a size of 4 x 4 m with the photo editing software
  • Stick the detail sites to one big poster or wallpaper.

Print Photo Album mit the photo editor
  • Print your Photo Album with Title, Text Descriptions, Borders, Shadows, Footer and Date

Photo Editing Software and Photo Editor for Windows

Achieve professional results with the photo editing software that has it all

FotoWorks XL offers photo editor and photo editing software for Windows 10 and Windows 7
FotoWorks XL is an affordable and easy to use photo editing software at ( with an impressive array of features that is on par with the most successful and well-known photo editing software. The photo editor program allows users to enhance and correct their digital photos in the comfort of home, without having to pay for external professional assistance. The photo editing software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows 10 and offers all the major interactive features (image manipulation, photo effects, filters and masks) required for high-end photo editing.

Photo Editing Software for Windows 10 Image of the Photo Editing Software for Windows 10

Although top photo editing software is used on a daily basis by millions of people throughout the world, it tends to be quite challenging to master with industry-specific jargon that is inaccessible for beginners of the photo editor and casual users. Photo editor FotoWorks XL offers a solution to this problem by providing users with the necessary photo editing software to produce more professional results in minimal training time and without having to bend over backwards. The top photo editing software features a detailed help function with built-in instructions that explain the various features in a highly comprehensible manner so that even the most novice users can confidently take the first steps in their photo editing journey.

Photo editing software made easy and accessible for everyone

Experience the value of good photo editing software for yourself
It doesn't matter whether you are a photo editor beginner looking to dabble in the art of digital photo editing or an advanced user with an already-developed skill set and a wealth of photo editing software experience - FotoWorks XL's photo editing software for Windows 10 and Windows 7 is there to assist you in the entire editing process. First-time users can therefore rest assured that FotoWorks XL photo editor utilities deceptively simple photo editing software aimed at making the editing process as enjoyable and accessible as possible. The photo editor software functions and features are presented in an organized structure with a comprehensive menu and a clear view of the original and edited photo. This makes the editing process with the photo editor particularly accessible to first-time users as they are provided with a visual learning aid that displays every correction and enhancement in the editing process.

FotoWorks XL's photo editing software runs on a reliable and intuitive user interface that supports several file formats. Users working with JPG, JPEG, Bitmap, GIF, TIF or TIFF can rest assured that their images will be supported by the easy photo editor and that it can even be converted into other formats.

Photo editor FotoWorks XL's fundamental photo editing features include the following:
  • A comprehensive selection of unique, pre-set effects
  • Masks effects
  • Copy and paste options
  • Photo editor for color splash options
  • Clone stamp options
  • Effect brushes
  • Radial and focused effects
  • Radial stretch options
  • Automatic straightening
  • Clipart content
  • Performance improvement of high resolution photos
  • Engraving effects
  • Advanced lighting tools
  • Preview options for original and edited photos in the photo editing software
  • Batch processing for editing and saving
  • Brightness control options
  • Color and contrast correction
  • Rotate and flip effects
  • A removal tool for red eyes
  • Sharpen and blur options

Photo Editing Software for Windows 7 Image of the Photo Editing Software for Windows 7

Photo editor FotoWorks XL's latest version offers even more features in photo editing software for Windows 10 and Windows 7. These upgrades include:
  • Photo editing software with a larger selection of stunning pre-set effects
  • New light reflection effects
  • Oil painting and airbrush effects in the photo editor
  • Various photographic effects
  • Watermark effects with batch processing
  • Sharpen and blur options with batch processing
  • A larger selection of Clipart content, masks and textures

In addition to all the major editing features, this user-friendly photo editing software is also equipped with a printing studio for the creation of photo albums, collages, calendars and posters. This feature has proven to be a welcome addition to the work of professional photographers and editors who are in the business of designing and preparing specific content for clients, but also for casual and novice users of the photo editor who enjoy capturing precious family moments whilst on vacation or celebrating holidays. The printing studio includes an automatic image optimization function and provides users with a blueprint of sorts for the creations of the aforementioned items. Of course, there are also many pre-set features and built-in options used in the printing studio that make the editing process even more colorful. For more information we recomand also this sites

FotoWorks XL photo editor is available for digital purchase on selected online retail companies. After the purchase has been received and processed, the user will be sent a registration key that is used to install the photo editing software. The photo editor for Windows 10 can be installed immediately as there is no need to wait for any physical shipment. It is also important to note that FotoWorks XL photo editor is specifically designed photo editing software for Windows 7 and Windows 10. Users are therefore advised to read though the minimum system requirement information to determine whether FotoWorks XL will be compatible with the software on their personal computer.

Get your photo editing software free download today

Experience a preview of FotoWorks XL's photo editing software for PC
FotoWorks XL's photo editing software is committed to providing an interactive editing experience that is affordable and easy to operate. If you are searching for an all-encompassing photo editing software that offers professional and high-end results, you may want to take FotoWorks XL for a so-called 'test run.' A demo version of this photo editing software has been developed and offers curious users that are in the market for appropriate software the chance to test the photo editor once. The preview has been specifically designed to give beginners with little experience in image processing applications a thorough introduction to everything FotoWorks XL has to offer.

It isn't likely for prospective photo editors to happen upon photo editing software for Windows 10 and Windows 7 that is this convenient, affordable and user-friendly again, so you might want to consider making use of the opportunity to experience a preview.