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Easy to use text reader software convert text to speech

This text reader software is a software suitable for all text formats. It converts your windows computer into a text reading machine. It features voices that are clear and comprehensible. It is very easy to use, and it does not require any skills. It has speech pauses in between paragraphs so that the reading comes out naturally. Another feature of this amazing text reader is that users choose to ignore some expressions such as page numbers using some of its configurable filters.

Text Reader
Photo of the Text Reader

This text to speech software also works automatically in the background of your PC on demand. For example, it's able to automatically read text from the clipboard on command. The best thing is that it fully reads texts automatically. The user also chooses to create MP3 files from the read texts and then burn onto CD-ROM, load it onto your smartphone or load it on an MP3 player and listen comfortably. Amazing! This tool makes it possible for you to listen to texts at any time as well as creating an audiobook.

The English text reader software supports the following formats:
  • Text Reader for Windows
  • Read aloud text
  • TXT-Text
  • Create MP3
  • Microsoft Word Documents
  • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • Texts from clipboards
  • PDF-Acrobat Reader
  • HTML and Websites
  • EBook a. EPUB
  • Read aloud text while opening documents
  • Read text from the clipboard
  • Read aloud E-Mails
This program enables read-aloud, text to MP3, text to voice, voice aloud reader and text reader software for windows 10 software among others.
The above mentioned possible text formats are directly processed by this text reader software, they are then displayed in an editor that is integrated and can be adapted if need be. After that, the program reads your text aloud just with a mouse-click.

Using this text reader is easy, all you have to do is copy the text into the software, and automatically your computer will begin to read it out loud. Unlike most of the other related programs, this software does not sound like a robot; rather the voices are clear and comfortable. There is even an option that enables you to choose the voice you want. Indeed the text reader software has made life easier especially for busy people.

The Perfect Text Reader Software for PC and Text Reader for Windows

Read your texts aloud using this text reader tool
The software makes it easy for your pc to read texts aloud. Choose the text you would like to be read then your PC will do the magic for you. Reading a lot of text by yourself on the screen will make your eyes exhausted after a while. This software solves that problem and allows your computer to read the text aloud to you. It doesn't matter whether it is a datasheet, a business letter or one of your bills, just sit back, relax and listen to your texts.

Text Reader for PC
Image shows the Text Reader for PC

It supports documents like pdf, HTML or word. Many programs perform the same functions, but none of them are as good as this software. The PC will read the document, and you might tend to think it's a human speaking because it does not have the robot voice that is common to other related programs. The voice is normally clear and loud in a way that people understand every single word without straining.

Text Reader Software to Read Aloud Texts

Reading long texts on your PC's screen can be tiresome. With this text reader for windows 10 people are able to easily convert text into speech. Each time you need to transform digital text into spoken language, this software is the best. The only thing you have to do is load your text to the application and listen. Users have the possibility activate reading pauses between paragraphs to make the reading more natural. Apart from copying and pasting, the software is also able to run in the windows background. With this setting, the software gets activated whenever you change the clipboard hence the content of in the clipboard will be read loud automatically. This software guarantees you an easy time when it comes to reading texts so why not try it out.

Text Reader Software
Photo showing the Text Reader Software

Convert your text to MP3 in Windows - All you need to perform this function is just your PC, text, the software and get an MP3. It enables you to convert your text from pdf, word, ePub to MP3 in an instant. Meaning you choose to have your favorite texts in MP3 audio format. Create your own audiobooks from written text to MP3. You also an option of burning the MP3 to an audio CD or even copy it on your phone. It's interesting; imagine listening to your text without stopping what you are doing. All you need is your ears. Get the software for your windows and all these will be possible.

Try the Text Reader Download

Get this text reader software free download
In case you are looking for a program that will read your text aloud, then Audio Reader XL is a good tool for you. It is a helpful tool that will read your text aloud or save it to MP3 in case you are a busy person. This means, people are able to listen to the text much later. It will make it possible for you to receive information without necessarily taking your eyes off what you are doing at the moment; for example, you could be driving and stopping to read long texts sometimes seem impossible.

Text Reader Download
Image shows the Text Reader Download

This tool it is listed under speech in the Audio category. This software is listed by shareware; therefore, it is provided as a free download to the users. There are several sites from which they can be downloaded. The software is compatible to run on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server, and Windows 10 operating systems. Download and install Audio Reader safely to enjoy all its features and functionalities. Download this easy to use program and get to enjoy its amazing functions like: Text to voice, text to speech and convert your text to MP3.

Don't waste your time just make your work easier by downloading and installing this fantastic tool on your Windows PC.

Audio-Reader XL, the text reader, is software that reads and narrates text documents like PDF files, word documents, eBooks, site text. etc. The TTS software enables a person to proofread documents fast, especially when in a rush. The text reader is virtually accessible from anywhere. It is now available on text reader Windows 10. Due to its ease of usage and efficiency, the text reader software is commonly used to narrate large documents. The pre-configured voices sound natural and are easy to apply. To change the voice one can easily use the settings option in the top menu.

Here are Some Common Uses of The Text Reader

The Audio-Reader XL has very quality services, especially if a good text reader narrator is installed.
It reads your document as a native would and allows you to see the flaws that your readers would notice as they read your material. Criticizing personal work is difficult. Having another 'person' read the text helps recognize the grammatical and syntax errors. The text reader is also ideal for people who want to learn a native language. The listeners are able to record the words as spoken by the narrator and practice at their expense. Commonly, the recordings are played by busy people as they continue with their work.

The software reads your document smoothly and does not neglect commas, full stops, and other quotation marks. If you are writing for a particular audience or training yourself to write in the language, it would be easy to picture the words as the narrator reads them to you.

The application also allows you to convert the different files into mp3. If you are busy driving, hiking, or running and you would like to catch up with a book, you have to possibility to play the files on your phone or iPod as you jog. The narrators speak naturally and clearly.

Text Reader Windows
Picture showing the Text Reader Windows

The text reader supports different languages. These include French, UK English, US English, and many more. Each language has different narrators - male and female. Users also download any other narrator's voice in their desired language. To do this, they go to the settings menu, click on Select the Language File menu, and then follow the text reader free download link to visit the website that supports the download. With Audio-Reader XL, you don't need to copy and paste text or re-write it to the application's editor. You will be able to easily read the document using the text reader software on any platform; that is on Word documents, PDFs, websites, and even novels. As long as the document is well punctuated and organized, the application makes reading smooth and enjoyable.

Dividing the text into multiple mp3 files: The text reader is able to partition documents into multiple files which can be played separately. This is ideal for people who want to convert huge eBooks into mp3s. It is easier to rewind and trace where you left off rather than scanning through an 8-hour mp3 file. Far from having a pre-installed tutorial and instructions, the customer support by the company is impeccable. The owners have a good relationship with their customers. People easily find their contacts on their official website or on the application.

Simple instructions: The menus and other instructions on the application are easy to comprehend. You do not need a trainer to use the app. After downloading it, just do everything by yourself, follow through the instructions, and complete your task.

The Audio-Reader XL is often used by people having sight problems, those who can't read on their desktop monitors, and also by people who are too busy to read eBooks. The software gives you a chance to carry your notes around with you and listen to them as you do other things. The text reader is also straightforward. Unlike other software, the easy text to speech reader does not contain Ads, nor affect your computer system. It takes seconds to convert your document into mp3 or load the text on the dashboard. Also, the text to speech software has a background feature where users have the possibility to play it while still reading through their material.